Ace of hearts

Hand Review #1 2020/03/01 - AA

Here's a hand I played this Sunday.
How would you have played it?

It's a single day €20 tournament.
Starting stack is 30.000 and the levels are 20 minutes.
Usually, around 30-40 players show up.



Early in the tournament, the blinds are 100/200 with a big blind ante of 200.
Everyone is still around the starting stack of 30k.

Villain, a young guy, limps from early position. We've seen each other at the tables though I don't know much about his playstyle.

Everyone folds to me in the small blind, I look at my hand and see AA, I raise to 900.
Villain calls and we go heads up to the flop.



Pot: 2.200

Board: As Ts 7h

I think for a second and decide to try something different.
I bet 4.000 for about a 2x pot-sized bet. At that time, I was thinking that there are a lot of good aces in villain's range since he called from early position. I'm also making it very expensive for a flush draw to call me, but I think players will often call here with just a draw.

Thinking back on this I'm not sure if I want to be building a huge pot on a scary board.
Then again I don't want to miss too much value if villain has a strong A or maybe even two pair or a lower set if I'm very lucky.
Nothing to worry about as long as the flush doesn't get there.

It might have been better to make a smaller bet, somewhere around half the pot or even pot-sized.
Three aces are already gone, so it's pretty unlikely villain has an A.
So if I do get called, it's way more likely that villain is holding some sort of draw, second pair or even third pair. None of which should call such a huge bet. I have a very strong hand here, so I want to get called! I also don't want to put myself in a horrible position when a bad card comes on the turn or river and villain makes a big move at the pot.

Villain thinks for a bit and decides to call.



Pot: 10.200

Board: As Ts 7h Qs

Not good! The flush draw gets there.
I quickly decide it's too risky to bet again here, so I check.
Villain checks behind.



Pot: 10.200

Board: As Ts 7h Qs 9h

Good news, we managed to dodge a 4th spade.

Since villain checked behind on the turn, I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a flush.

So what could he have here?

Probably not a set, he would've most likely raised the flop or bet the turn. The same goes for two pair.

So it's most likely villain has something like top pair or second pair. He may have a stronger hand, but that's unlikely.

I decide to go for a half pot bet of 4.500, hoping to get called by top pair.


Villain thinks for a while and decides to call.

I show my top set and villain mucks.


Villain later told me he had JTs, not of spades, obviously.

He said my flop bet looked too much like a bluff, so he decided to call.

On the river he called because he didn't think I had the flush, he thought I could have Kx for a missed straight draw or a small pair trying to steal away the pot.